Faith, Self Esteem, and Beauty for transgender women


It is really quite validating to hear an american bishop in the roman catholic church come out with a statement this supportive,

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635581635436751207-BUR20150129BISHOP3 The newly installed bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington was asked in an interview “Is there any plan to reach out to transgender persons who no longer feel welcome at Church?”

Bishop Christopher Coyne’s response was as follows:

Well I’m sorry that that’s happened because I see no reason why transgender people would not be welcome in church. I think, there’s more and more evidence coming forward that a lot of this is biological. That it’s not just something that a person makes as a kind of fashionable choice or cultural choice, but that these, that transgender people are really struggling with the idea of gender identity, and that they have struggled with it for years—and that’s through no fault of their own. And so there’s no fault to be made, actually. This is who they are. Everyone is God’s creatures. And I would invite anyone to come to the…

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Giant Step for Transgender Welcome, But Not As Far for Gay & Lesbian People.


The meeting clearly reassured this transgender man. Since there is no public teaching on transgender people Francis sends a powerful message to good catholics to treat all people with dignity.
It is likely not coincidental that Fancis’ first reported call to a transgender person comes exactly 6 years to the day after Benedic’s alleged “Christmas Condemnation of Transexuals”. I can only imagine how powerful that meeting must have been for Diego. I was myself very validating it was for me to hear very affirming words from a Bishop when I disclosed my Transexual status to him. Although I have been affirmed by every priest I have shared my story with it was still very powerful to hear this Bishops kind words about my journey and to share dinner with him.

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Diego Neria Lejárraga

According to a Spanish newspaper report, Pope Francis recently held a private meeting at the Vatican with a transgender man and his fiancee.

Diego Neria Lejárraga had written to the pope about being rejected by his faith community after undergoing gender confirming surgery.  Neria explained: “After hearing him on many occasions, I felt that he would listen to me.”

Neria told the newspaper Hoy, from the Extremadura region of Spain, that Pope Francis had initially responded to his letter with  a phone call, and the pontiff told Neria that the letter “touched his soul.”

According to The Huffington Post, the private meeting last week was a result of this December exchange on the phone. A spokesperson from the Vatican, Fr. Manuel Dorantes, would not confirm the meeting, however.

In the Huffington Post article, Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, questioned the Vatican’s silence but said he would not be surprised if the meeting had…

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We slowly came to the realization that we hadn’t lost the person who had been our son.  In fact, in many respects we got our child back, as she embraced her gender identity and emerged from the depths of depression.  All the creativity, humor, empathy, and intelligence that make her an exceptional person are still there and are shining through stronger than ever.  And I’d like to think that the acceptance of her immediate and extended Catholic family have played some part in that positive transformation.

via LGBTQ Children in Catholic Families: A Deacon’s View of Holy Family Sunday.


We pray that dignity from the church in our deaths will lead to dignity in our lives one day soon.

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” ‘We don’t eat without praying first. We don’t sleep without saying a prayer. Where were you [God] when this happened?…She had so many dreams and that killer destroyed them all’ ”

These are the laments of Julita Laude, mother of Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman allegedly murdered by a US Marine in the Philippines. The killing has made headlines for increasing tensions between the countries and raising questions about an ongoing American military presence in the Philippines.

Less noted has been the Catholic community’s response in helping Julita mourn her daughter’s death and showing respect to LGBT people in the heavily religious nation. According to PhilStar, Jennifer was “a devout Catholic,” but as an openly transgender woman it is not a given she would be granted a Catholic burial in the highly conservative Filipino church.

Jennifer Laude

Thankfully, compassionate (and Christ-like) principles guided Laude’s funeral and her life was celebrated in a…

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A Year’s Worth of Heady Reflection on WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A (transgender) WOMAN.

Anna had not posted for some time and now we know why. It’s been a wonderful character arc over the past year as she discovered and explained and battled and progressed. Now she has figured it out the ultimate question and no longer felt the need to explain it all. Thankfully she now shares what it means to simply BE. enjoy.

Life, Salvation History, and NBC’s The Office.

In this Anna discovers the beauty of ordinary life which should come as no surprise. Before transition our lives are anything but ordinary and the pressure to act as a gender we are not is so overwhelming it is impossible to see the joy in the ordinary. Living authentic lives after transition allows us to always see the joy in simply being.


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